The Word of God


God wants your faith to be challenged. Test what you believe to the whole Word of GOD, and read the following in spirit and truth.

1. Does the Bible teach that God changes?

2. Does the Bible teach that all Scripture is the Word of God?

3. Does the Bible teach that the Word of God, is GOD?

4. Does the Bible teach that God’s Word contradicts itself?

5. Does the Bible teach that God reveals all His plans for man to His Prophets?

6. Does the Bible teach that redeemed believers are servants to God and man?

7. Does the Bible call the chosen people of God, Israel?

8. Does the Bible teach that, before the Messiah came, believers in YHWH/God were adopted into the people of Israel and then after Yeshua/Jesus came believers were also adopted into the People of God?

9. Does the Bible teach that believers inherit all the Covenants and promises that God gave to Israel?

10. Does the Bible teach the Covenants and Promises of God are forever?

11. Does the Bible teach that man has the authority to change the Word of God?

12. Does the Bible teach that the Holy Sabbath day of God was, is, and ever shall be (until Heaven and Earth pass away) the seventh day?



If any of these questions have made you stop and think, then consider these:

What are your core beliefs and that of your church?

If your beliefs, and that of your church doctrine, are in line with modern Christianity then you need to ask yourself the following questions as they relate to that doctrine:

Question #1.

Where in the Bible did God give the Church the authority to change His Word?

Question #2.
Where in the Bible did God give the church the authority to change or abolish the Sabbath day?

Question #3.
Where in the Bible did God tell His Prophets that He would remove (make void, nullify, do away) His Law (Commandments, instructions, regulations) from man?

Question #4.
Where in the Bible does it say believers are  free to worship God in any way they like or believe?

Question #5.
Where in the Bible does it say the “Christian Church” is separate from YHWH’s holy, set-apart people, Israel…in whom believers are adopted into?

Question #6.
Where in the Bible does it say (specifically) we go to heaven or hell when we die?

Question #7.
Where in the Bible does it say (specifically) that God is three individual persons in one, or even use the word, “Trinity“?


If you have answered; “they are not in the Bible“, then I encourage you to consider that it’s possible you’ve been led astray?


How can you know what you believe is true?

The Bible teaches that there is only one truth and that is the Word of God. It also teaches that you must test all doctrine to His Word. Have you been testing what you’ve been taught? Or do you justify what Pastors teach because you think they know better?

Believing in false doctrine brings about bad fruit, even if you’re ignorant of it.



  • Are you in bondage/slavery to the lusts of the flesh even though you believed you were “born-again”?
  • Do you say, “I love God”, but still live your own way, obeying the god of “you”?
  • Are you ultimately living in rebellion to God’s Torah (God’s instructions, commonly known today as the Law of God).
  • Do you believe His grace will cover even your deliberate sin?
  • Do you humbly desire to return to the FATHER, and live according to HIS will?

Do you know the will of the Father?


  • The Bible teaches that the will of the Father, YHWH, is for man to have everlasting communion with Him, and that this is only possible if man were sinless (perfectly obedient to the Laws of God).
    • However, since man is a sinner and is separated from God, Yeshua/Jesus took upon Himself our sin and in faith we put on His righteousness (His Spirit gives us the desire to be obedient to God’s Laws in our heart if not action).
    • Therefore, since we are now righteous (in our heart by faith), we can have communion with the Father, YHWH.
    • However, the Bible also teaches that “true faith” is trust and then obedience, or belief and then works. True faith is “walked-out”.
    • The Bible teaches that believers are to live just as Yeshua/Jesus lived, and to walk just as He walked.
    • Since He did not “live by grace”, but “lived by obedience”…so should all true believers.
    • The Bible teaches it is not the works of the flesh that God wants, but instead the works of our hearts that act out through the flesh.
  • The Bible teaches that the Sabbath Day was made holy by God and belongs to God, but made it for our benefit?
    • The Sabbath was established on the 7th day when creation was finished and God has commanded man ever since to “remember it”.
    • It was not established first with Moses.
  • The Bible teaches that the Appointed Times of YHWH (His holy days) were given to men to remember and keep throughout all their generations and forever?
    • Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled the Feast of Passover by substituting Himself for you (as the lamb of God) by shedding His blood and covering the door of your heart which then allows the punishment of death to pass over from you to Him?
    • YHWH’s Word is faithful, just, and true fulfilling the Feast of Unleavened Bread in that He will forgive you and you will be adopted as a son/daughter of GOD and will be one with His children, Israel?
    • Yeshua/Jesus ascended into Heaven twice?
      • First, shortly after His death, burial, and resurrection to present Himself to the Father as the first-fruits of those who will be resurrected into everlasting life in fulfillment of the Feast of Firstfruits,
      • and then again 40 days later in view of the multitudes of His disciples?
    • The Holy Spirit of YHWH is meant to reside in the temple of our hearts (in fulfilling the Feast of Shavuot/Pentecost)?
    • The power of Yeshua/Jesus will resurrect you in the last days when He returns (in fulfilling the Feast of Yom TeruahTrumpets)
    • We will live and reign with Him for 1000 years (in fulfilling the Feast of SukkotTabernacles)?
    • Yeshua/Jesus, our High Priest (after the order of Melchizedek), atones for us in the Heavenly Temple (fulfilling the Day of Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement)?
  • The Bible teaches that we are to be baptized/immersed in “living water” or moving, fresh water like a spring or river which is symbolic of being washed in the living, flowing, and cleansing blood of the Lamb?
    • Did you know you were doing this in the name of Yeshua/Jesus as an expression of having taken part in His death, burial, and resurrection, and that by doing so, you were presenting yourself to be filled by the Holy Spirit?
  • The Bible teaches that the Church is only the “assembly” of believers (which could be as little as two or more).
    • it is not a building or corporation.
    • it does not have “alter calls” because it is only comprised of believers
    • non-believers are not “invited to church” to “hear the gospel” or sermon
    • in fact believers are commanded to bring the gospel to the lost.
  • The Bible teaches that Yeshua/Jesus is a Jew.
    • All His disciples/apostles were Jews.
    • His Church understood it was a show of love to keep all of the Father’s instructions (Torah), but when they failed they thanked the Father for His grace and forgiveness.
    • When Yeshua/Jesus returns He will still be a Jew, and will always be one.
  • The Bible does not teach that the “Christian Church” replaced the Jews in the Father’s holy covenant with believers in the “new testament”.


If you understand this, then continue to believe the Bible when it says that you will:


  • be in Covenant with Father God, YHWH through faith in His Son, Yeshua who lived righteously and died as our Passover lamb according to the Scriptures.
  • inherit all of the promises, and rights as His child when you accept Him and He adopts you into His people, Israel.
  • be righteous in the Father’s eyes because you repented to the Father and accepted His will by believing His Son atones for you in the Heavenly Tabernacle as your High Priest.
  • gain all the blessings afforded to you by keeping/obeying the instructions of God (Torah) out of love for Him.
  • be resurrected upon the return of the King of Israel at the sound of the last trumpet in the last days.

Please, consider reading the other articles to the right for further discussion.

Thank you and Shalom.