About Me


That’s how I would describe who I was.

I could tell you everything about my life and everything I’ve ever done probably on this one page alone.

But why bore you needlessly.

Suffice it to say, I was an average man who, having lived half a century, had accomplished only what any average man could want. I have an average marriage (my wife, as a person, is ABOVE average of course) with average number of children (3), living in an average house in an average neighborhood. I work an average job and make an average wage. I have average friends and an average extended family.

I had average goals and dreams and failed to achieve them.

Does that sound depressing? It shouldn’t be, it’s average.

But not to worry my friend, my eyes have been opened.

I now see that God has led me through a humble life. I can appreciate now that I didn’t need the things I once desired. In fact, I am truly blessed to have been able to avoid getting myself in more trouble with the average life I did have.

I grew up in a Catholic Christian home. Even managed to finish CCD (look it up). In my 20’s I became “born-again” and moved from New Hampshire to Florida.

But the Adversary knew my weaknesses and without the proper instruction I fell into several temptations and trials. I had no one but myself to blame for my failures.

Now, 20-something years later, there I was…completely disgusted with church and modern Christianity. Going through the motions and disappointing myself and others. I maintained my belief in Jesus and God and my salvation, but I had problems with performance and faith. Something was gravely wrong.

This average man was given a new understanding…a revelation. Why now? God only knows why He decided to reveal purpose and truth to me which drove me to seek more. The more I sought, the more I found and understood. I’m not alone in my revelation. Countless others were out there and my only window to them was the wonder of the internet, Facebook, YouTube and the likes. Others who had the same questions and difficulties running into the same walls were awoken to the Truth that is the gospel. Not the gospel taught in modern Christian churches today, but the gospel taught by the Messiah and then His Apostles and their disciples for nearly 100 years after the death, burial, and resurrection of the Messiah. This is the same gospel taught by all the prophets, David, Moses, Abraham, Noah…all the way to Adam. This is the gospel of repentance. Yeah…the same one John the Baptist taught.

Father God…who’s true name is not “The Lord” as stated in all versions of our Bible, but the name He revealed to Moses. His Holy name is “I AM”…or in Hebrew YHWH. This God desires (not needs) His people to worship Him in Truth and faith. That’s what it’s always been. To trust and obey our Creator is to love Him. He eventually gave His Son to prove His love for us. What more could we ask of Him?

I have the ultimate Father in Heaven and Messiah-King who is orchestrating my life for my good. He’s given me His all, and out of love I’m expected to give Him my all.

This is my new purpose. My new goal.

I’m above average in His eyes. And He’s given me all that I have and that my friend is good…in fact it’s the best.




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